Improve your fluency in Quranic recitation

Why is learning Quran essential?

Quran is the final message of God sent to humanity, and the only message that has been preserved in its original true form. It holds immense importance as the sole Holy Scripture free from human error. If you are a Muslim, learning the Quranic teachings will help you lead a life that pleases Allah. However, even if you follow a religion other than Islam, or are a theologian, the Quran being the basic framework of Islam, will let you be more acquainted and well-versed about the world’s second most popular religion.

Moreover, the holy Quran is a general code of life, which knows no geographical, racial, cultural, or religious boundaries. It is a message to all mankind, for all times to come.

Importance of Arabic language:

The Quran has been sent in the Arabic language, which happens to be one of the world’s international languages. The recitation of the Quran has been carried out for the past 14 centuries in the same language to preserve it in its true form, as well as to have a generalized unity among the Muslim ummah, and to avoid confusion in the true meaning of the revelations. Several linguistic interpretations are made from the metaphors in the Quranic verses, but they are not incorporated in the original text.

Therefore, it is essential to be adept in reading Arabic and to learn it as a language to decipher the meaning of what is being read. Arabic reading with the help of online Quran tutors in UK is the first step in the recitation of the Quran.

Dialect, pronunciation, and interpretation:

The language used in the Quran is Classical Arabic, which can be recited in 7 dialects or ahruf, owing to the differences in the dialects of the 7 indigenous Arab tribes. The pronunciation of the Quran is executed per the rules of Tajwid. For readers of non-Arab descent, Araab have made the recitation of the Quran convenient. Interpreting the Quranic verses is not considered when teaching the basic recitation.

Quran teaching services:

Multiple Quran lessons are now being offered online, where due attention is being given to the students. The teacher can be an Arab or a non-Arab as long as he or she is well-versed with the Quran and has a fluent Qirat (recitation).

Learn Quran Academy – a God-sent helping hand:

One such online Quranic teaching service is Learn Quran Academy. Having a knowledgeable and adept faculty, due attention is paid to your Quranic teachings. Skype sessions are offered at any time convenient to you, and the student sits 1 on 1 with the teacher. Moreover, free classes are offered for 5 days to help you realize if it works for you.

 Help yourself or your child to earn proficiency in this holy domain.

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