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Recitation of the Holy Quran is one of the most important aspects of a Muslim’s life. The Holy Quran is the basis of the Muslim belief as it not only tells the Muslims about the preaching of Islam and the message of Allah Almighty. But the Holy Quran also teaches us the moral values and the methods of making your life better. From a very early age, Muslim families begin teaching their children how to recite the Quran and understand its teachings.

However, to ensure that the kids grasp the teachings of the Quran well, people turn towards scholars or Qari’s which help new people in reading and understanding the Quran. With time, digital classes have become more common as they are easier to take and more convenient rather than going to learn or to call someone home. Online Quran academies have also been developed to make it easier for people to read and understand the Quran. 

Basic reading 

Since the Quran is written in the Arabic language, it is important to make sure that the person reciting the Quran has a full understanding of the pronunciation and the dialect. The word’s meaning can change greatly if not pronounced correctly therefore, the online Quran academies initially start with the basic reading of the Quran with the help of Qaida. Having a strong base allows anyone to read the Holy Quran with the most beautiful pronunciation of the Quran. 

Memorization of the Quran

While the Quran can be recited regularly, some people choose to learn the Quran by heart. The hafiz (someone who memorizes the Quran) has a very special place in Islam. Therefore, people who choose to memorize the Quran require the help and guidance of learned scholars. The benefit of having an experienced teacher is that it not only allows the student to learn quickly but gives them the confidence to enhance their learning abilities. 

Facilitation of females

Another important aspect of the online Quran academies is that they support female students. Since not all females are comfortable in going out to learn the Quran or have male tutors, they are often left behind in getting the right learning experience. However, the online academies try to make sure that there is no such issue for females. Thus, they provide female tutors to help the women learn the Quran more comfortably. 

Quran Learn Academy is one of the online academies which help Muslim children and adults is gaining the best form of education regarding the recitation and learning of the Holy Quran. We ensure to provide our students with the best learning experience thanks to our learned scholars which have an excellent experience in helping people recite and memorize the Quran. 


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