Quran is The Major Source of Islam

Quran is one of the major sources of Islam so when a Muslim is looking for guidance he/she can educate himself by reciting it. It is one of the central religious texts of Islam. Different verses in Quran touch upon all the aspects of human life. Quran will always guide those people who turn to Allah with a sincere heart. 

Islamic scholars 

The Islamic Scholar is now a Mullah, despite being associated with many factions. These individuals who have given their lives to the religion are not invited to perform minor religious ceremonies or Nikahs for more than a few minutes. Most people don’t think about sending their children to the Mosque for higher Islamic Education. People want to teach their children to read Islamic letters. Many people are interested in learning more about the meanings and teachings of the Holy Book of Islam. It is important that people are more interested in finding the root cause of the problem.

Inconveniences before Islamic laws

The people had a lot of bad behaviors before the introduction of Islamic laws in ancient Arabia. They would trade in injustice, bury their children alive, worship many false gods, and fight among themselves. Unfortunately, the time of complete ignorance and incompetence has returned to humankind. After Muslims were able to escape their mad phase by using Islamic law, they began to trade beyond the Arabian Peninsula. This allowed them to spread Islam far and wide. This was how religion spread across the globe. The Middle East’s Kingdom of Baghdad was a center for research and academic excellence. Many Muslim thinkers, philosophers, and investors gained fame during this golden age.

After effects 

The entire Muslim nation fell back into darkness after Baghdad and Damascus were overthrown. Students from Spain, who were initially suspected to be Muslims, went on to become the heir to the knowledge base. Around a million books were destroyed and libraries were masked. The number of Muslims has only increased since then. Many Muslims today are unable or unwilling to comprehend the Quran’s words.

Delusions and suspicions 

Many people live in delusions and suspicions. There are also some incorrectly spread rumors about religion. It is too controversial to pick up a book about religion and read it. In these difficult times, educated people must start a new trend. Parents can help prepare young Muslims to live up to the great names like Salahuddin and Muhammad Bin Qasim as well as Ghaznavi and Al Beroni with the assistance of Quran Learn Academy.


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