The Quranic Scholars

These days among a lot of factions, the Islamic Scholar has been reduced to the level of being called a Mullah. These people who have dedicated their lives in service of the religion are only invited for a short while when they are ordered to perform a Nikah or any other minor religious ceremonies. The fact of the matter is that most of the people today do not consider sending their kids into the Mosque to get higher Islamic Education. For the most part, people want to teach their children how to read the letters present in the Islamic books. Now there is a trend to learn Quran from online Quran tutors for tajweed.

A lot of people who are curious are not sure if they are able to contract the true essence of the meanings and teachings that are present in the sacred Book of Islam. It is therefore imperative that more people take an interest into the making sure that where the real problem lies.

Teaching for Reformation

Before the Islamic laws were introduced in the ancient Arabia, the people were inflicted with a lot of bad habits. They would do injustice in trading, they would bury their female children alive, they would also try to worship a lot of false gods and engage in frequent fights among each other. The sad reality is that the times of utter ignorance and incompetence have come upon human beings once again.

When Islamic law enabled Muslims to get out of their crazed filled phase, they started to trade outside of the Arabian Peninsula and spread far and wide in the world. In this manner, the religion was spread to all corners of the world. In the Middle East, the Kingdom of Baghdad was the center of research and academic excellence. During this golden era a lot of Muslim philosophers, thinkers, and investors were born and gained popularity.

However, after the fall of Damascus and Baghdad the entire Muslim nation went back to the dark ages. The students from Spain who were suspected of being Muslims when they first started to conduct experiments in the dark ages of West went on to become the heir of the knowledge base. About a million of books were burned and libraries were mascaraed.  Since that time, the Muslims have only increased in numbers. A lot of Muslims these days are unable to understand the words of the Quran. But if they are provided with online Quran tutors for tajweed then they can see right path in front of them.

The right path for Muslims

A lot of people are locked inside delusions, suspicions, and even some wrongfully spread rumors about the religion. The concept of picking up a book and reading about religion is simply too controversial. Under these dire circumstances, it is important for the educated class to come forward and start a new trend to learn Quran and its tajweed, translation with whole heartedly. With the help and association of Quran Learn Academy it would be possible for the parents to prepare a young generation of Muslims who could live up to the names of Salahuddin, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Ghaznavi, Al Beruni, and other great Muslim icons.

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